The problem with being Democrat is that if you vote for Obama, you’re sexist. And if you vote for Hilary, you’re racist. It’s easy being a Republican. No matter what you’re retarded.

I think I have a perfect solution for the Democrats.

Let Obama run as Hilary’s vice president, with Hilary’s promise NOT to seek re-election, and endorse him for 2012.

Hilary is 61, so it’s reasonable not to have her stay in the White House (if she gets here in the first place) till she’s almost 70.

Obama is only 47, same age as Bill Clinton’s first election. 4 years isn’t too long a time for him, and it’ll earn him enough “experiences” to do the real job for hopefully another 8 years.

This way, the Democrats can be pretty sure to take the White House for at least 12 years.