(This is what motivated me to finally start writing about Googlers, as I happened to read his latest blog “Running a software team at Google” via another blog.)


He got Berkeley CS PhD in 2002, became Harvard CS professor in 2003, and got tenure in 2010. Seems like he took a sabbatical or something and worked at Google right about the same time, and he liked it too much to go back, as he explained in “Why I’m leaving Harvard“.

According to my expansive knowledge, he’s not as much a “rock star” computer scientist (e.g. Rob Pike) or programmer (e.g. Chet Hasse) or language designer (e.g. Guido van Rossum, unfortunately an ex-Googler since this year) as some other Googlers that I want to write about, but he did almost kill Facebook.

He said that his role of Tech Lead/Manager is “not very common at Google”, which can be true statistically, but my team and several teams close to us all have TL/M, and all of whom have incredible technical abilities that would take me at least 3 lives to approach, and they all seem to have happy subordinates.