No we are not the stones. We are rolling them, not unlike Sisyphus.

One of the smaller rocks is building the Imaginarium City Central Train Table after the twins tear the pieces apart and throw them all over the floor. Barring the small probability that some pieces end up in some nooks and crannies, I can put it back within 3 minutes by now. This would not count as a stone if there were more than one way to construct it, like the Thomas track set that I used to greatly enjoy putting together with Valentina. At least the twins don’t gnaw at the tracks and trains as they used to.

A much bigger stone is laundry. With one, sometimes two or even three sets of clothes per kid per day, J almost has to do it everyday, with multiple loads on weekends. And it’s the folding that takes the most time and effort. At least the twins are both boys so there’s no need to separate theirs.

The largest boulder for me is doing the dishes. I usually procrastinate at least 20 minutes for the most dreaded moment of my day: opening up the dishwasher to remove the clean dishes, only to fill it up again. I’m no longer surprised that even though our dinner may contain only two dishes, the dishwasher is almost always filled to the brink with kids’ stuff occupying most of the top rack. At least the clean dishes no longer have white dust after we install a water softener.

These SiO2, along with the many others, share the same strait that makes the struggle dire: they greatly reduce entropy, and thus require a lot of external energy input. Blame it on the law of nature.

Nevertheless, the struggle itself…is enough to fill our heart. You must imagine us happy.

How do you keep your rocks rollin’?