I mentioned a few times that I’ve been working a lot harder than usual the past 6+ months. The project is a completely unplanned, unscheduled, unspecified, self-initiated makeover of our GUI application.

I’m not going to talk about the gory technical details because I can’t. The last couple of weeks were extra crazy because some sales people are going to a trade show and they want to show the new GUI. Last Friday I checked in close to 30,000 lines of code changes, and got this back from the sales guy:

… even at this ‘alpha’ stage, it genuinely looks brilliant. … Whilst it is a phase1 of the GUI enhancements I gotta say it’s a MASSIVE leap forward from the prod (old) GUI. Chalk and cheese comes to mind. … we have already had a couple of people, when stopping by our booth say, unprompted, that the GUI “looks really great”.

Keep in mind this is a sales guy, but this is an internal email so he’s likely 14% less boasting than he usually is.

Anyway I’m taking tomorrow off.