My dad brought us a 2-DVD set on Gaudi. The main title is made by Hiroshi Teshigahara(勅使河原宏) in 1984, but it’s more interesting to consider the 4 pieces in chronological order.

  1. Ken Russell 1961: a quite banal black-and-white one like a tourism infomercial, nothing eccentric that you may expect from the director.
  2. Teshigahara 1969: a silent 16mm study for the trip the director took with his father, founder of a distinct school of Ikebana. It spent a long time on the unfinished church in the industrial semi-utopia Colònia Güell.
  3. Teshigahara 1984: the title piece, which is mostly just an expanded version of the study. The more interesting (or less boring) part is the sound track. For a large part the sound trembled so much that we thought it’s remastered from bad tape, but instead it’s just Toru Takemitsu(武満徹)’s signature tremolando.
  4. God’s Architect by BBC, narrated by Robert Hughes, 2002. With Hughes’s signature irreverent comments, it’s the longest and most interesting of the 4. The most fun one is from his conversation with a Spanish artist who said Sagrada Familia is such a financial drain on the city and the country that it should be turned into a train station or something.
    I got to know Robert Hughes from his Goya biography, which I got from library but didn’t get to read beyond the first few pages. He has a most fascinating (and sometimes tragic) life to say the least, partly due to a most libidinous ex-wife.