(I’m trying to clean out some really old blog drafts. This one has a perfect(ly bad) timing on this opening day of the Winter Olympics.)

51/100. Wow. It’s an incredible feat no matter how we look at the “state-run sports system” issue. Speaking of which, here’s a blog that has a very good point.

And how about the brave Sydney Symphony Orchestra coming out to support our efforts?

And the 8888 superstition is largely due to NFL, college football, and USTA. Scratch another -1 for China.

Closing ceremony: in quite a few occasions the memory tower looked like a colony of cockroaches. I don’t mean to vilify the performers at all–they worked their hearts out. But seeing from afar it’s really that gross.

I thought the London Mayor is a joke, until I saw this blog. If Stephen Colbert will run for president, I will do anything to get citizenship so that I can vote for him.

  • Baseball: what a unbelievable shame for US.
  • WSJ reports that collegiate olympic teams are being scaled back parted due to the dominance of football.
  • Oksana Chusovitina: 33, 5 Olympics
  • Sheila Taormina: 39, 4 Olympics, 3 sports (swimming, 2xtriathlon, modern pentathlon)
  • Dara Torres: 41, 5 Olympics from 1984!!! (She missed 1992 and 1996)