My previous failed company tried to sell our junk to H-W’s mobile unit. I knew it’s Li Kai-shing’s conglomerate, but nothing more.

This morning I saw the name Whampoa Military Academy in a book and it dawned on me what Whampoa is. What an ignoramus, as I’ve always been.

So I looked up H-W’s history. It’s mainly from 3 companies:

  1. 屈臣氏: 1828廣東藥房. 1841 became香港藥房. 1863屈臣氏. 1963 Hutchison bought it.
  2. 香港黃埔船塢公司: 1863. 1977 Hutchison bought it.
  3. Hutchison: 1877 John Duflon Hutchison changed Robert Walker & Co to Hutchison. 1979李嘉誠bought controlling stake as the first Chinese for a British company. 1983 first mobile service in Hong Kong. 1995 world’s first CDMA service. 1999