It’s one of the few things that I actually got done recently.

I got 131 books in LibraryThing (not even hitting the 200 limit for free membership, sigh) and 461 in Douban.

For Chinese books, I ended up using J’s keypad instead of CueCat, because too many don’t have bar code, and it’s not any slower.

Douban really lacks a lot of features, and books–I think I had at least 30 new entries. One most obvious missing thing for social networking is to show members with the most shared books. And the “work” concept in LibraryThing would help tremendously, since many Chinese books have a sickeningly large number of editions.

LibraryThing’s “top books and authors” is another Douban miss. I’m really surprised that 1984 is #9 and Animal Farm #19. There’s hope in humanity, after Harry Potter.