From two unrelated stories on WSJ today I see extraordinary beauty.

One is about Catherine Deneuve’s new movie A Christmas Tale. Her daughter Chiara Mastroianni plays her daughter-in-law. And guess who’s her real life father? Doesn’t the last name ring a bell? Now say it with the Italian downward emphasis: Mar-ce-llo. Good god. It’s like a hypothetical singer from a Dieskau/Schwarzkopf union, or a golfer from Woods/Sorenson.

I have to say, though, that I’m disappointed when I did an image search for her. She’s beautiful, no doubt, but the daughter of Marcello and Catherine should be transcendental. I haven’t actually watched many of their movies–one each, to be precise. The Deneuve one is none other than her break out Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which I saw a while ago on TV. Just classic–in terms of her beauty.

Flip the page, there’s a story about how Frida Giannini renovated her 15th-century Tuscany villa. 36 years old, daughter of an architect, former equestrian, started out at Fendi in 1997, took charge of Gucci handbag in 2002, then all accessories in 2004, women’s dress in 2005, and finally became the sole Creative Director in 2006, replacing the 12-year sex pistol director Tom Ford who made Gucci what it is today.

While the devil may wear Prada, beauty always ends with an “i” sound.