(Given all the bailouts lately, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what I mean by USSA.)

First a rundown of the days we just spent in Beijing, before I forget. There are many topics to write about, if only I can find the time between pretending to work and sleeping for jet lag.

  1. Wed
  2. Thur
  3. Fri
  4. Sat
  5. Sun: 佳忆市场
  6. Mon: 百荣世贸
  7. Tue: 动物园
  8. Wed: 百荣世贸; 大栅栏; Legation Quarter; NDR Symphony Orchestra at National Theater
  9. Thur
  10. Fri: visit George
  11. Sat: 回龙观公园; Dad’s brother family visit
  12. Sun: photo shoot; Dad took us to 蓝色港湾 and 新光天地; J went to Shanghai
  13. Mon: transfer 户口; meet Ben; review album
  14. Tue: buy laptop RAM at 中关村科贸; 风入松; meet He Wei
  15. Wed: J came back; 4+2+1 to Olympic Center; Vienna Boys’ Choir at 保利
  16. Thur: 中关村; 第三级bookstore
  17. Fri: golf with Eddy at Beijing Country Golf Club; meet J’s colleagues at Goldman Beijing office on Finance Street; visit Lane Crawford and 西单大悦城
  18. Sat: 798
  19. Sun: Walmart; get albums
  20. Mon: busy morning packing and fixing up computers