Just finished 何兆武《上学记》, will try to write about it soon. It mentions 黄昆、杨振宁、张守廉 as 西南联大物理系三大才子.

Shame on me that I didn’t know 黄昆 as the father of Chinese semiconductor “theoretical research on condensed matter physics” (corrected by a nitpicking friend).

I can find very little info on 张守廉 (Sheldon S. L. Chang), though. He’s now a Leading Professor Emeritus of ECE at SUNY Stony Brook. He was EE chairman from 1963 (to ?). SUNY SB ECE’s website doesn’t have anything on him. An apparently old EE page only shows his interests in parallel/distributed computing and CAD. From an investigation report it seems like his research was mainly on laser.

An interview of him by Karl Hartzell (SUNY SB’s “president” for 3 years (62-65) just before the much more influential John Toll) revealed a lot about his life. He studied in Purdue in 1945-47, joined NYU faculty in 52 and got tenure in 58.

His first wife died from suicide (after divorce), and one of their daughters set herself on fire to end a very troubled and tragic life.

I should start a Wikipedia page on him.