From Coding Horror, one of my recent favorites, on the La Crosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower battery charger, which I bought a year ago:

I spent several hours after I got it plugging various batteries in it, trying different modes, and watching it work. I’m not sure what the exact definition of geek is, but I think “enjoys recharging batteries” has to be very high on that list.

I didn’t think I’m truly geeky, but according to Coding Horror’s definition, I am one. If I had time I would watch the charger just like him.

Another secret that I’ve enjoyed over the years: watching Defrag at work. I like the pre-XP Defrag better, because it shows disk blocks in different colors as defrag goes on, a bit like this nice freeware. The XP interface is cleaner, but watching little lines getting shuffled is less interesting.