I can never get American football. Although I think the National League is stupid for not having a designated hitter, a full team of designated hitters is way over board.

But I had a great time watching the 4th quarter of the Superbowl. I still don’t know all the rules, but that didn’t stop me from rooting for the local team–I guess you have to root for someone to really enjoy watching any sports.

And the whole thing has just too many elements of classics. Underdog vs. dynasty. Breaking or making history. Redemption of the aging and ailing. And of course, to top it all, the coming-of-age of a Southern boy who’s lived in the shadow of his father and brother and up against the Gisele-dating champion alpha male. Oh, and did I say New York beating Boston?

The Giants’ winning offense is a string of miracles:

  • 2:42 to go and a kick return of merely 14 yards. Ouch.
  • The 2nd 1st-down was a last-attempt running play in the dead middle that barely passed the line. Phew.
  • The next 1st-down was the most miraculous, with Manning running out of a sack with his shirt pulled out and throwing high for a 32-yard up-in-the-air catch by Tyree. This play is definitely the one that sets up the victory, to the extend that a over-zealous fan dubbed it “The Catch II” and added to “The Catch” on Wikipedia, only to be rightfully removed.
  • The next pass was right on the sideline, again barely cleared the 10-yard line. Amen.
  • The touchdown was actually a bit anti-climatic, as it’s first attempt and a very easy catch.

The media was all over Plaxico Burress’ prediction of 24-17, boy at least he got one number right! He could’ve got an dramatic run (and possible touchdown) at the end of the previous offense, when Manning spun out of a sack (a practice run for the miracle play later) and threw to him in an empty space, but Burress couldn’t catch it as he didn’t run as fast as he could.

Here’s the full NFL play-by-play for the game, for the records.

P.S. It’s Super Tuesday for a different reason–the victory parade! Broadway was already jam packed when I came to work before 9am, and the Parade won’t start until 11am. Go Blue!