Improbable Research’s LFHCfS doesn’t usually get such extraordinary members.

One is Brian May, who got his PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College (where he also got BS) this year and is now the Chancellor of Liverpool John Moore University, from whose art college Lennon dropped out. No wonder May’s guitar has so much flair: it’s got interplanetary particles in it!

Then came Hedy Lamarr. I vaguely remember reading about her inventing frequency hopping before. The link from LFHCfS is a fun read with a NSFW image at the bottom. Sometimes mistakenly attributed to Lamarr, DSS was invented by the great Tesla in 1900, and Lamarr’s invention is just an ingenious apparatus (a piano roll, since her collaborator is a composer) to apply the principle. She deserves the recognition, though, if only to show that you don’t have to be stupid to be gorgeous.