See how many records you can find that Roger has broken and will break on this Wikipedia page on No. 1 ranking, among all tennis record pages.

The most stunning one for me is that his consecutive No. 1 (now at 189) = his total No. 1. Once he’s there, he’s there. It’s not entirely impossible if he ends at doubling Connor’s 160: 320-189=141, which is less than 3 years.

Of course Nadal and Djokovic and whoever coming along will make it tougher and tougher. But if he plays like this US Open, let them pray.

As Djokovic correctly acknowledged, Federer’s mental toughness wins. That’s another way of saying performing extraordinarily in tight, and more importantly, adverse situation. And that’s always what sets the legends apart from the journeymen. Any one can drive 350 yards now, but only Tiger can mostly save par when he can’t find the fairway in most times. Federer saved 5 set points in the 1st set. And the first 2 sets with Roddick were as close as it gets.

I probably watched too much US Open when I should’ve taken care of the baby and those infinite family things. We were watching by the end of 2nd set of the finals on Sunday and Zhuzhu was sleeping. When Djokovic double-faulted to get to tie break after Federer saved 2 set points I couldn’t help clapping my hands 6 times.

Half a clap would be enough to wake Zhuzhu up. And she made sure that I’ll remember that.

J scolded me for good, and I punished myself by not watching the rest of the match until the final point. There are things a hell lot more important in life than watching sports.

Even though watching Federer winning a slam gets pretty close.

Anyhoooo, I got to know the amazing burn-out of Borg from a related news. He retired at the same age of 26 after breaking many records of his time. Roger just passed Borg’s 11 slams by this US Open win, and burn-out is the last thing on his and everybody else’s mind.

Breaking every conceivable record is.