It’s a quite disturbing movie, not because the guy got away with a double (or rather, triple) homicide and kept his rag-to-riches marriage intact, but because the staleness and cliches of the story.

The only thing I like is the soundtrack, mostly of Caruso singing Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love. It’s not that I like that opera or opera in general, but the heavily scratched mono sound is ironically a lot more innocent and pristine compared to the storyline and characters. The opera is a comedy, but the segments used in the soundtrack all sound tragic and dramatic, making a great ambiance.

And I really can’t understand what’s the fuss about Scarlett Johansson. Sure she looks much better than Sarah Jessica Parker, but “sexist” or “most beautiful” woman alive? Seems like some people just have a fetish of fat lips. A while ago I lamented the lack of classic beauty nowadays, and the popularity of people like Johansson and Jessica Alba seem to corroborate that.