I’ve never heard of snuba diving, but when it was advertised on our way to Molokini, I felt it’s something I should try, since we won’t do any scuba diving. It turned out to be one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

Snorkeling is fun, but you’re confined to the surface. Scuba diving is the ultimate, but it’s scary and requires a lot of training. Snuba diving is scuba on leash: you’re connected to an oxygen tank on a floating raft by a rubber hose, so you don’t need to carry the oxygen, but of course you can only go as deep as the tube length, which assures safety.

For the first time, a scuba diver leads the group of 8 people. It took a while to feel comfortable, and then it’s pure bliss. Why argue whether we know how a fish feels? Just do a dive and follow a fish. The original schedule includes a 2nd snorkel site called Turtle Island, but the weather wasn’t good over there so we came back to Molokini. A 2nd snuba diving is offered, and only me and my diving partner (two persons use one oxygen tank) took it up. With much fewer people and the hose length doubled to 30ft, it was a lot more enjoyable. We saw a sting ray just as we got down, and made a big circle around our ship (J saw our raft moving on the surface). Truly, truly awesome.

Before dinner, we went up to the north-west end of the island to see surfers at Honolua Bay. It was almost like what we see on TV. Truly, truly amazing.

The sushi dinner that caps off the great day is of no less quality. What a day in, on, and from the ocean!