• 5:30am: up
  • 8:15am: EWR – LAX, 6.5 hours
  • 2pm (5pm EST): LAX – OGG, 6 hours
  • 7:30pm (12:30am): drive from Kahului to Kaanapali
  • 9:30pm (2:30am): down

It took 21 hours, but it’s still pretty amazing that we’re now truly in the middle of the Pacific. A few notable things so far:

  • United has filed for Chapter 11, so it’s cutting cost like mad. No free meal any more. But we did get to see the Queen, very nice movie.
  • We got a north-facing “ocean view” suite on the top floor (12th) of a hotel. The suite has everything for comfortable living: full kitchen, dining area, bookshelf, walk-in closet, and most important of all–cable modem.
  • We walked over to a mall next door and had noodle soup for dinner. Nice place with lots of boutique stores, and a grocery store where we’ll get water and stuff. Sweet!

As the first truly relaxing vacation we’ve had, I think I’ll be able to post on a daily basis.