We learned about these exhibitions long ago from NYTimes, and planned to visit them during the Labor Day weekend. A college classmate of J’s visited us last weekend, and booked a one-day NYC tour. We drove him to Chinatown early morning, had dimsum, went to watch The Inconvenient Truth (good content, lame movie), then went to Guggenheim.

We thought the Hadid exhibition would have lots of pictures and 3D models of her designs, but it turned out mostly to be abstract and undecipherable drawings and sketches. There are only a few models, but a few cool real gallery pieces like table/chair and a concept car. The most stunning piece is a full kitchen design–oh yeah, we’re so into kitchen right now 🙂

Never really like Jackson Pollock, but as the somewhat pretentious Julia Roberts says in Mona Lisa Smiles, you can dislike him but you can’t ignore him (something like that). The exhibition is all drawings, so there’s no huge canvas of dripping chaos. Still it’s really hard to make sense of anything.

HH probably won’t enjoy it, since he never really likes contemporary art. But then we still have Dada at MoMA left to see, so maybe he’ll choose to golf with Jay instead…


The lady on the LCD screen in the picture is Ms Hadid. She kind of looks like Becky, the office manager at my previous job.

UPDATE: Hadid won the prestigious Pritzker Price in 2004. Inaugurated in 1979, the few contemporary architect I know are all its laureates.