Saw it on PBS a while ago, a documentary on Hergé by a Denmark guy Anders Østergaard. I already know many things in the movie from the two reference books I have, but to see and hear Hergé talk about them is still mesmerizing. The most moving part is when 张充仁 visited him after almost 50 years. It’s sad that the two old artists were overwhelmed by the media circus when they really just needed a quite place to hug each other and cry out all the insanities they’ve been through.

In the movie they laid all pages from all Tintin books on the studio floor to easily shoot any particular page, which gives me the idea that I can do that to the walls. I wouldn’t be able to get out of that room!

Next time in Brussels, I’ll try to find Hergé’s studio if it’s still there, and the museum where the Broken Ear statue is from.