It was mentioned in 娜斯’s blog. I used to read her column in 读书 and liked it a lot. She lived (and lives?) in NYC for a long time and really knows what it’s like being a New Yorker.

This novel is funny as hell, like a good New York Post sports column. Like 娜斯 said, you have to be in NYC long enough to fully understand and appreciate the book, but anyone can get some quick laugh. I still don’t quite understand alternate side parking after reading it, but at least now I know what it’s about.

Good planners, people from New Jersey, except for the plan they must have hatched at some point to move to New Jersey.

“I read somewhere that the aggregate value of unexpired time left on meters people drive off from, just in New York alone, is the equivalent of the gross national product of something like 38 different countries.”

… the (subway) system had created as Tepper always thought of as the New York version of the Swedish sauna, offering, instead of an abrupt change from a hot tub to freezing snow, an abrupt change from furnace-like stations to freezing trains and back again.