World Cup.
US Open Golf.
NBA finals.
Wimbledon in 2 weeks.
Yankees always on.

Do you need any reason, as if you ever need one, to get an HD DVR?

The last straw was the French Open final last weekend. We had to go to Ikea early to buy cabinets so I setup a timer recording on VCR. The first tape I put in was rejected twice as the tape got tangled up inside. We watched the tape on Monday, but didn’t go beyond the first set because of the alternating poor quality of playing from both Nadal and Federer, and the poorer quality of video.

I called Comcast and found we can get a DVR for about the same price as the Starz premium channel that we hardly watch (heck we’ve hardly watched any TV this year). Installer came surprisingly quick and early and we’ve been in sports heaven ever since.

The DVR is a beauty. It’s not as good as TiVo (whose HD unit should be coming out soon), but I can’t complain about 13 hours of HD recording, dual tuner, continuous recording/instant replay, series recording, full program guide…

Just imagine never to miss another World Cup game. In HD.

Anyway I want to talk about US Open in particular. We watched the last 15 minutes live, and the last 3 holes from DVR. What a spectacular meltdown!

No I’m not even talking about Phil Mickelson. He didn’t deserve to win, with only 2 fairway hit all day (“all over Westchester County”, as Daily News put it), none in back 9. His 17th drive hit a garbage can, 18th off a tent. The funny thing is that NBC completely lost his 2nd shot. The camera kept panning between his perplexed face and the rowdy crowd, then showing the 3rd shot as a seemingly replay.

Monty was in identical situation at 18th: par to win, bogey to playoff; though he didn’t know it since he’s in the third last group before Ogilvy and Mickelson. But he deserves so much to win, at 43 years old, no major win, and such legendary Ryder Cup performance. And what a worthy major championship shot would the miracle 40-foot curved birdie putt at 17th have been!

Padraig Harrington could’ve won if he didn’t bogey the last 3 holes.

Jim Furyk could’ve got a playoff if he didn’t bogey the 18th.

Kenneth Ferrie could’ve hang on to his 3rd round lead at +2 if he didn’t bogeyed 6 holes in the last round.

Tiger Wood could’ve broken Jack Nicklaus’ 39 consecutive cut streak at major championship if he didn’t score +6 on both days.

Of course, Ogilvy couldn’t have won if he didn’t chip in for birdie at 17th, his own worthy championship moment, or if he didn’t save par on 18th after 2 bad breaks. He hang on while others faltered–but all others? That’s got to be some luck.

Golf is weird. Less is more. Frustrating. Up against yourself. World’s best players make similar mistakes as 40 handicappers like us.

It’s just a game, and it’s just human nature. I won’t miss any of it any more on our HD DVR.