I saw most part of it a while ago when channel surfing and thought it’s hilarious. Last night it happened to show again and we saw it almost from the beginning. I thought J would think it’s too gross or something, but she seems to like it as well.

There’re some out of whack and gross-out moments, like the leopard carrying them away (maybe it has some drug connotation) and the diarrheal twins. But for the most part it’s outrageously funny with parody on cliche and stereotypes. The one-sentence plot is as stale as it gets: after a bizarre evening searching for a White Castle store, a Korean Wall Street junior analyst finds his courage, and an Indian dope lover finds his calling to become a doctor like his dad and older brother. The fun is in the process, though. The South Asian Club in Princeton is such a good laugh. And Harold’s dream lover is hot!

IMDb says the sequel Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam is in production will be released in 2007. Boy they’re gonna have some serious fun there!