I got to Eric Sink’s blog from a piece from Joel On Software (damn! I thought it’s cool to read DDJ), and gladly found his memoir on browser war. He’s the project lead in Spyglass, who licensed Mosaic and started browser development before Netscape, and sold their browser to M$ as the starting point of IE. He knew Netscape was done for when he learned from IE program manager that IE team had more than 1000 people. Eric is now running a company in Champaign (that’s sweet) selling yet another bug tracking system and yet another SCM.

Last July, I spent at least a full day reading and thinking about a couple of articles on Netscape at the 10th anniversary of their IPO, in which many Netscapers, including Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen, talked about its spectacular rise and fall. There’s only one article left on Fortune’s current website after it merged into CNN Money’s site: Remembering Netscape: The Birth of the Web, talking about the pre-IPO days. The other article is still available at some other sites.