The title is too irreverent of the master, but that’s the best summary I can think of. We spent the whole morning waiting in line for the Rijksmuseum, which has only a few rooms open due to construction. The only things worth seeing are a few Rembrandt’s and Vermeer’s, and some nice crafts. We bought the combo ticket that’s also valid for Van Gogh and Rembrandt/Caravaggio exhibition, so hopefully today there’s no more waiting in line.

Had lunch at 1e Klas in the train station, recommended by a tour guide, which isn’t bad at all. Then took a 1-hour boat tour on the canals. Sharp contrast to Venice, where almost every angle is picture perfect. Still interesting though, watching lively lives going on.

Then walked around the old town and to Rembrandtplein for coffee break. Walked back through the “new town” and saw another huge playground besides a church. Had “dinner” at De Wildeman, a beer bar recommended by Michael Jackson and what a treat! No time to write about it now…

Walked through the Red Lights before and after dinner. What a scene. Most ladies don’t look attractive at all. Chinatown is right beside, sometimes within the district. Chinese are fearless!

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