Weather now seems like #1 reason that we loved our Spain trip so much. Winter in Germany and Austria is miserable. Summer in Italy is too hot. Let’s hope Spring in Belgium and Paris is a little better, because…

Keukenhof was fantastic under the sun, which sun went out about noon, and mid afternoon it started to drizzle. First everyone ducked in a large pavilion, then everyone wanted to leave so there’s a huge traffic jam. We tried to go opposite of traffic and go see the flower fields, but made a couple of wrong turns and stuck in traffic for almost an hour. We can only imagine how stunning the fields would look like in a perfect day, which is probably rare in spring–well let’s leave that for our next visit, together with the rest 3/4 of Keukenhof!

Came back to Amersterdam’s “most famous pancake house” (according to Rick Steve, and the restaurant itself), which is ok but not great. Then went to Anne Frankhuis close by. It’s incredible that there’s still a line at 8pm (it closes at 9), soon I found out it’s because there’s really nothing to see and everyone lingers to make something out of the 7.5e entrance fee. I wonder how many visitors complain, like Norbert did. It’s definitely not a fun place, and it’s not supposed to be. It’s interesting to know that Anne rewrote her diary once, and if I’ll ever read it, I want to read the two versions side by side–if she didn’t tear up the old one.

Walked to the central station to get canal boat tour info. Not many interesting things to see along the way. Amsterdam boasts more canals than Venice, but it’s way less charming, though we haven’t seen the best district (Golden Bend). Or it’s just the gloomy weather.

Today is museum day, because it’s again overcast. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see a bit of sun to go see the windmills.

Picture of the day: