It’s quite a memorable one, though not perfect. It’s been unseasonably warm all across the country since new year, and the forecast for the weekend at Mount Snow was changing everyday. During the last few days before it stablized, and it looks pretty dreadful, which turned out to be quite the case.

On Saturday it rained heavily in the morning and night, so we slept till almost noon, and went to Manchester center outlet. Temp could be as high as 60F. We strolled around the shops seeing quite a few people in T-shirt, visiting a fine bookstore, and bought 3 Furla bags on a very good deal.

Late Saturday evening the temp started to drop and rain turned into snow. By early Sunday morning snow accumulated 5-6″, so we went off to the mountain. During the morning temp was maybe 20s, but NW wind was maybe more than 50mph, so windchill was -10 or lower. We didn’t have full-face mask and the 7.5-minute lift ride to the mountain top was suicidal (the mountain faces east). J kept shivering through lunch time. We bought masks and the sun came out during the afternoon, so it was a bit better.

Monday was very sunny, but the wind kept very strong. We’re better prepared so it didn’t feel nearly as cold. The only problem was as the mountain top after getting off the lift, where it’s mostly ice on the ground (the snow had been blown off) and we had to go against the wind to find the trail start.

The ski part was great. The snow condition wasn’t great because there’s a lot of ice, but it’s ok. We stayed mostly on a long green trail on Saturday, and on Monday I mostly skiied several blue trails alone. The quadrupling (or more) length of the trails, compared to Camelback, really helped to get some groove going. On Monday I was racing down the mountain several times with no one in sight. For the first time I got the feeling of carving.

Lesson learned: buy weather protection with hotel reservation and be fully prepared for all kinds of weather! Now if only I can sell the 2 lift ticket voucher on eBay for a profit…

P.S. One thing that I observed with little surprise is that skiing is still a prodominantly Caucasian sport. During the trip I saw no more than 3 black people, no Hispanic, no Indian, and maybe around 10 East Asians. It’s quite a different feeling with being in the ethinical hodgepodge of NYC.

P.P.S. One of J’s colleagues is a Vietnam veteran. He saw J’s frostbite and brought in a windchill card he got in the army. It shows that with 40mph wind at 10F, windchill is -37.