Several factors:

  • Blogger is too slow (to see any page, especially to publish)
  • It doesn’t work from my office (not its fault)
  • WordPress has category (tag)
  • WordPress has pages where my long reading notes fit better
  • Scobleizer switched to WordPress on Oct 1.

I don’t know if it’s because its slowness or something else, My Yahoo doesn’t display AT ALL when I have its RSS feed in it. At first I thought My Yahoo is down, but after a few days and nothing online mentioning it I figured it must be something with me. I also added the RSS to J’s My Yahoo so hers also didn’t display, so at some point it dawned on me that one thing in common for our My Yahoo is the Blogger RSS.

Blogger still has some advantages, like it deals with raw HTML better, image uploading is easier, and it allows you to change template.

But the downside is too big to take. It’s the first thing from Google that’s not the best. Maybe a sign?