Questionaire in 11/2005 issue of Software Development.

  1. When it comes to policies, procedures and development standards, I:
    Follow them because consistency is important, but I offer to draft the changes needed to correct or update them.

  2. When writing a project-related document, I:
    Reference other documents or ask questions to make sure I understand what’s required, taking my best shot at it before submitting it to my manager for review.

  3. When I solve a particularly difficult technical problem, I:
    Provide my coworkers and manager the details of the problem and solution, to spare them similar difficulty.

  4. For routine communication with my manager, I:
    Ask her how she prefers to receive routine communication, whether by e-mail, phone or office visit–and then keep in touch accordingly.

  5. When I receive a new project assignment, knowing I already have more work than I can do effectively, I:
    Accept the assignment, but ask hwat priority it should be given in relation to other assignments.

  6. When I receive an assignment I feel is “grunt work”, I:
    Recognize that a certain amount of pedestrian work must be done, and respect my manager’s judgment in the assignment.
    (This is the only one I got “wrong”. I picked “Politely inform my manager that my skills could be put to better use elsewhere”)

  7. My attitude toward keeping current with tools and best practices is:
    I enjoy reading articles and books about the software development profession, even on my own time, for my own personal development.

  8. When demonstrating my development work-in-progress to coworkers, I:
    Take notes of their suggestions and follow up on each one, either making the suggested change or justifying why it isn’t feasible, realizing that they’re trying to help me improve the product.

  9. When reviewing my colleagues’ work-in-progress, I:
    Offer constructive criticism, focusing on the product and not the person.

  10. When my performance evaluation is coming up, I:
    Send my manager a detailed update specifically addressing how I met the performance objectives established for the performance period.