September 2005

From SD Magazine 2005/10.

Collaborative requirement elicitation:

Traditional (restricted interaction):

  • Joint Application Design (JAD)
  • Observation
  • Electronic Interviews
  • Legacy Code Analysis
  • Reading

Among the most common factors:

  1. Unrealistic or unarticulated project goals
  2. Inaccurate estimates of needed resources
  3. Badly defined system requirements
  4. Poor reporting of the project’s status
  5. Unmanaged risks
  6. Poor communication among customers, developers, and users
  7. Use of immature technology
  8. Inability to handle the project’s complexity
  9. Sloppy development practices
  10. Poor project management
  11. Stakeholder politics
  12. Commercial pressures

Jonathan understandedbly added “inadequate QA schedule and support”.

The cover story is Virtual Case File system, FBI’s canceled $170m project. Audit from DoJ reports failure factors include:

  • poorly defined and slowly evolving design reqruiements
  • overly ambitious schedules
  • the lack of a plan to guide hardware purchases, network deployments, and software development