I responded to a Programmer/Software Applications Engineer position at Voyetra on Monster (I was stupid not to save/forward job description), and guess what–Carmine Bonanno, founder of Voyetra and president/CEO of VTB sent me an email saying that he wants to talk to me! Earlier I applied for a similar position at Voyetra and got no response at all. Gosh I hope I won’t blow this one!

Some top hits from Google:

Sound on Sound article about CAT and Voyetra 8: http://www.gordonreid.co.uk/vintage/cat.html

Keyboard Magazine article about Voyetra 8, including how the name came about: http://www.voyetra.com/site/kb_ftp/2901015.asp

Kitten story with images and links http://www.tribalsmile.com/kitten/

Dell doesn’t seem to use VTB any more, it’s all SB. Seems like Dell started using VTB Santa Cruz in 09/1998. This 02/01/2002 article http://www.zdnetindia.com/reviews/hardware/audio_cards/stories/49583.html talks about delay in VTB, which may be one reason.

http://atlas.csbnet.se/livecenter/showpage.php?id=47 talks about Audigy 2 NX, but mentions a lot business info. Soundcard business is in steady decline due to integrated audio on mainboard. “Sound cards used to make up more than 70% of (Creative) sales, but it is now in the low 20s.” Media player is reported to have 68% sale, so 20% is about right. According to http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/050810/sfw092.html?.v=21
Creative’s 2Q 2005 sales is up 51% at $300m (260% increase in mp3 player sale) but profit is at $31m loss. 20% is $60m, so annual would be $250m. Global PC shipment in 2005 is predicted to be about 200m. If 10% buys sound card, that’s 20m cards. At average $50 a card, that’s $1b annual market–seems to high since Creative’s market share is probably more than 50%.

http://www.tatumpartners.com/partnerBio.php?id=86081 Joseph Migliozzi served as Chief Operating and Finance Officer & Corporate Director of Voyetra Turtle Beach, a $35 million manufacturer of consumer PC multimedia peripherals and software selling worldwide to OEM computer companies, retail stores, and e-tail directly to consumers. He led a turn-around restoring the company to health after a major acquisition. He re-engineered the organization and led the transformation from niche to mainstream consumer markets. He negotiated and managed contracts with PC OEM’s (i.e. Dell & Gateway) and reached preferred status at Dell, with of quality 500 DPPM, tracking to Six Sigma. He managed the selection and implementation of a state-of-the-art Sybase ERP system. (no mention when)