First time after Feburary in DC, it’s the beginning of a new season! We need to catch up with HH, who’s been playing rounds every Sunday.

Edgewater range was packed, since it’s the first cool day in a long while. We settled for upstair. I started with 7, going up to 4, and down to LW. Mid/short irons feel pretty good, though many shots seem to slice a little bit–it’ll be a big problem with wood. But I think it’s just a matter of fully releasing the club–flip the right wrist about contact.

I decided not to wear right hand glove, and 3rd finger feels a lot friction, so I put it against the top of left index finger and not touching the grip. It may be a problem for wood–the grip may be too loose.

I hit PW really bad, and found out with SW that I’m swinging and turning too hard. With wedges, upswing is almost straight, and there’s not much body rotation.

J was hitting poorly until she picked up her 5 hybrid. I noticed that her left foot moves as she starts downswing, but I don’t know if that’s a problem or not.