Another must-see place on the east coast that we’ve missed in the past 3 years, we finally decided to go with the crowd. Left at 7am to beat the traffic, the road was clear until 4 miles to Bourne Bridge. Finally arrived at Falmouth about 11am, not bad at all.

Had a quick lunch, and got on a ferry to Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. Took a bus to Edgartown, rent bikes to ride to South Beach. With nothing to do we soon rode back to tour Edgartown. The waterfront facing Chappaquiddick is a nice place, and the many captains’ houses scattered around the town are intriguing. One could easily spend a whole week on the island, but it’s too crowded, and you need to reserve many months in advance to get your car onto the ferry.

We got back to Falmouth and arrived at the Parsonage Inn in East Orleans. A typical family inn on Cape Cod, it’s cozy and charming. We had dinner with the legendary 柳方 and his soon-to-be-broken-up girlfriend, and went to Nauset Beach hoping to see some fireworks. Little fireworks did we see, but lots of twinkling stars, and an awesome moon rise over the ocean.

On the next day we went to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary first. Followed the Goose Pond Trail, then Boardwalk to the beach, then Try Island Trail and Silver Spring Trail. Easy and relaxed, we saw lots of birds, and some beautiful deers. We wanted to have lobster for lunch but the store we went to had it sold out, so we just had a simple picnic back in the sanctuary.

Went to Marconi Station Site and Marconi Beach, then settled on Nauset Light Beach for a little while. We flew the kite we robbed from Lilian last year, and that’s easy and fun! Went off to Coast Guard Beach and the trail down to the pond and bridge is beautiful.

We ordered 2 lobsters from the store and brought them back to the inn. What a feast! And what a great decision to bring vinegar and ginger! Well fed, we went to Provincetown to see the fireworks. On our way back there’s a terrible traffic jam, fortunately the only one we experienced during the trip.

The last day was gloomy and chilly. We climbed up the Pilgrim Monument, and then I completely missed the direction so we walked to the edge of Provincetown and back to catch the whale watching trip. We’re miserable on the ship battered by wind and rain, and only caught glimpses of the back of 3 whales. Coming back on land we walked around town a little bit then headed home.