We got up at 9am, I went to pick up Jay for the golf range, and Cindy and her classmate came to pick up J for a one-day sale of Armani Exchange at Secaucus outlet. We thought they’d be finished in no time, so we bought one jumbo bucket (150 balls) for everybody as usual.

It turns out that the AX sale was anything but usual. They got there about 10:30am (Cindy was terribly late) to find hundreds of people waiting in line. Only 80 people (50 at earlier time) were let into the warehouse at one time and given 20 minutes to shop. The clothes are all winter stuff, some with minor defects, but the price is incredible: most items $10, some $5. They ended up standing in line for 2.5 hours.

So Jay and I spend 4 hours hitting 300 balls each (strange I didn’t have body aches afterwards). We started out on the second floor, and I was still hitting terrible. I put on the impact tape I bought last week, and for 7-iron I was hitting all over the club head, but for 6-iron I was mostly on sweet spot, yet the balls went everywhere.

I almost finished one bucket, and went downstairs to play driver. Worse. The worst thing is that there’s a left-handed guy on my right (so we’re playing head to head) playing a big titanium driver, and boy he hits hard and far! The sound is deafening, his ball flying out of the range almost every time, while my balls never go higher than 10 feet from the ground. It was embarrassing and humiliating. I switched to the Perfect Club, same result. Only after he’s gone after his 75 balls I realized that again it’s my grip that’s causing the problem: my left hand turns too much (showing 3-4 knuckles), so at impact the club is hitting really down on the ball.

At about the same time Fan Qi noticed a problem of mine: my shoulders aren’t straight (parallel to target line) at address, instead my right shoulder is tilted front, and that could be the reason that I frequently pull and hook. I tried to correct it and I think it helped. So in the end I was hitting quite consistently with the irons, and for the driver as well, except a few times when the ball flies really high, maybe because my left hand turned too little.

After golf we went to the Korean market on Rt 1 again for lunch. After lunch we got groceries, like last week, and went home to take a good nap. Got up almost 7pm, went to Sports Authority to restring the tennis racquet (yeah tennis season is here!), then to Jay’s to make water dumpling with some of Cindy’s high school classmates. Then we karaoked using the new Malata machine brought back by Donkey. Then we took 娄兰 home to Exchange Place (I finally distinguished her from 刘罗兰).

A long good day of golf, nap, dinner, and singing. Just like a usual weekend day.