We went to Edgewater golf range twice this weekend. Jay bought two sets of Prince Ladies Power Ring clubs, so we couldn’t wait to try it out. J likes it, esp. the hybrid i4 and i5. The graphite shaft, among other things, reduced the vibration and shock a LOT.

Sun Jianfeng went to play on Sunday. It’s his second time. I didn’t have as much enthusiasm teaching him as for Guo Linfeng and Donkey, because I myself was really lost. He only hit like 20 balls, but he’s getting a bit better at the end.

As for me, well, it’s mostly old problems but all came together. I used 3-iron on Saturday and 4-iron on Sunday, and the balls were hit all over the place. Now I think I know my problems, and hopefully I can correct them by practicing in our building.

  • Grip: left hand should only shows 2 knuckles (index and middle fingers), which means the wrist is rather straight instead of rotated to the right. The thumb should tilt to the right, however, and tuck wholly under the right hand.
  • Take away: I think I’ve been stretching my right arm during takeaway, so the club head goes rather straight (parallel to target line) at the beginning. I remember learning this from the first golf instruction I read on the web. The problem it creates is that the downswing trajectory is different from the upswing, because during downswing my arms are at ease, just following the natural path which is a smooth curve. The result is that at contact the club is more extended (away from my body) than at address, so I usually hit the ball by the club heel, or even the shaft. I noticed this from the ball marks on the shaft, and confirmed it using the sticker.
  • Swing plane: it was too steep for long irons, so I tend to hit down on the ground. J noticed that but somehow I felt I was hitting the top of the ball instead. The impact tape showed that I was wrong.
  • Downswing: I tend to forget the hip kick at the beginning of the downswing. Plus I tend to forget the right hand push. These two make me hit hook all the time.