J, me, and Donkey saw MOMIX’s Opus Cactus at NJPAC Virginia Theatre 2:30pm-4:30pm. Cool show, but not as interesting as I expected, or should I say, not always interesting. Here’re some notes on the acrobat + ballet + modern dance programme.

Part I
1. Sonoran: But Not Asleep
Great opener. A star-studded background. A sling bed. A blonde in a trance.

2. Desert Storm
The best episode. Totally dark stage. 6-7 fluorescent expandable tumbleweed-like stuff swirling and jumping and moving around in the sound of desert storm. At first I thought they’re hang on wires, but later I noticed they’re actually held by dancers. The “balls” somestimes move irradically, sometimes in sync, and at one time 6 form a body and chases the other one. Very original, very intriguing.

3. Cactus Wren / Morning Star
Dancers in cactus-like stance. So-so.

4. Pole dance
Three male dancers each holding a long pole. So-so.

5. Desert Blooms
Three dancers swirling in large colorful skirt. Beautiful.

6. Ostrich of the Imagination
A female on top of a male in the form of an ostrich. Striking posture, but they can’t do much in that awkard position.

7. Prickly Pair
Dual dancers doing 双簧 like stuff. So-so.

8. Black Mesa
Dancers bent down holding their feet with hands and jump sideway on a backlit stage, quite mystic.

9. Sidewinder
People holding colorful long flexible pole across their bodies. The music is deafening loud.

10. Gila Dance
Four dances holding on to each other in a row to form a big green worm. Like 6, there’s not much movement they can make.

11. Tracking the Earth
People crouching on skate board sliding through the stage, very dymanic. Good contrast to the previous slowly moving worm.

12. Caravan
A female standing on a male lying down on a skate board moving slowly. A continuation of 11. The music is way too loud at this point, so it’s good that intermission follows.

13. Dream Catcher
The second half is much shorter and less interesting in general. This one is very good, though, becausae of the brillant prop used: it’s a large metal structure with interleaving bars and arcs. The dancers push it around the stage, dance around and within it.

14. Menitation
The word seems to mean the same thing as meditation. A few men standing upside down with spot light only showing their heads, their mouths moving fast as if producing the fast abracadabra. It’s understandbly short (about 1 minute), quite memorable.

15. Sundance
Some girls touting large round fan. Kind of cliche.

16. Big Pole Dance
Worse than the Pole Dance in the first half. Two men lifting a large pole and a girl doing stuff on the pole.

17. Totem
A dancer proping a long pole up, and another one doing stuff on the pole on top.

18. Fire Walker
Just like a tribal fire dance.

19. First Contact
A large puppet skeleton on the back ground. Very unimpressive ending.