We’ve heard so much about the Hamptons, so after 3 years in New York we finally decided to go take a look. Turned out it’s still too early in the Spring, but the trip is well worth it anyway.

Jim F. printed out 3 maps at different scales to find his house in Bridgehampton, without which we could’ve easily got lost–well not really, because it’s hard to get lost in the Hamptons when there’s only one main road! I can certainly imagine how bad the traffic can get during summer time on the mostly 2-lane Route 27.

Jim’s house is right across the street from the private Bridgehampton Golf Club. It is very cozy and charming, with lots of arts and crafts he collected from all over the world (well mostly bought in New York and on eBay :). We even found a probably authentic painting by 文征明 in his bedroom. We followed him to the beach by the Sagaponack Pond, surprised to see some other people also enjoying the chilly weather there. We came back to Bridgehampton downtown and had lunch, then parted with Jim to begin our own exploration.

First stop: shopping! Lots of nice boutiques and antique stores line the street. Of course Jay and I quickly got bored and we dragged the girls back on the car and drove all the way down to Montauk Point. The panoramic view on the lighthouse is amazing, but we almost got blown off the balcony by the gust. Cindy obviously followed the principle of 要风度不要温度 as to wear a skirt, and certainly got a fever afterward.

We couldn’t go any further east, so we headed back west. Detoured to Sag Harbor, an old whaling port, now all quiet and calm. We strolled around the harbor for a while, and moved on. Took another detour across Southampton, but didn’t find any grand houses–I guess they’re all secluded somewhere normal people can’t go.

It’s a fun and relaxed day, but I don’t know if I want to go back during warmer weather among several million people.